Priyabala Ramaiah, MD
Priyabala Ramaiah, MD
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Q. What do I do if I need a prescription refill?
A. We recommend calling your pharmacy first to ensure accurate and timely refills. If you are out of refills they can send a refill request to us. We do understand there are times you may need to call our office and leave a message for our medical staff.

Q. Why am I asked to verify my identity so many times when I am in the office?
A. We may ask you to verify your name, social security number and birth date during scheduling and during your office visit. This is for your safety to prevent errors in diagnosis and treatment. We are also complying with national patient safety goals by verifying this information.

Q. When should my daughter schedule her first exam?
A. Our providers recommend annual exams when your daughter is ready for birth control or has gynecological questions or concerns. Cervical screening, known commonly as a pap smear, should begin at age 21.

Q. What should I do if I am pregnant?
A. If you are pregnant, please call us right away. We will help you find a provider that meets your needs and we will get you scheduled for an appointment.

Q. How do I schedule an urgent appointment?
A. We will have you speak with one of our nurses who will assess your situation and determine the most appropriate next step, whether that is an appointment, a referral, a prescription, etc.

Q. How do I obtain a copy of my medical records? Is there a charge?
A. We will need a Medical Records Release Form completed and either faxed, mailed or brought to the office. By law, we are required to provide your records within 30 days if they are stored onsite or within 60 days if they are stored offsite, however, typically we complete your requests sooner. If you are requesting your records be sent directly to another provider, there is no charge. If you are requesting a copy for any other purpose, there will be a charge. A Medical Records Release Form is not required for us to send your records to your primary care provider or a provider to whom we have referred you. If you have any questions, please contact our Medical Records Department.

Q. How do I get disability, FMLA or other forms completed?
A. We will need a Medical Records Release Form signed prior to completion and release of those forms. The forms will be completed in the order they are received and typically take 7-10 days. Please consider this turn-around time when turning in your forms.

Q. What is a co-payment?
A. A copayment is the flat fee determined by your insurance company that you pay each time you receive medical care.

Q. What is co-insurance?
A. Co-insurance is the percentage of your medical bills that you will have to pay, typically after you have paid your deductible.

Q. What is a deductible?
A. A deductible is the amount you must reach before your insurance company starts paying for your care.

Q. What didn't my insurance pay?
A. Your insurance company processes claims based on your contract benefits and the best answer to this question will be answered by them.

Q. Do you charge a specialist co-payment for all visits?
A. Co-payments are determined by your insurance company and many insurance companies require only a primary care co-payment for certain types of visits. If you pay a primary care co-payment in our office and your insurance company requires a specialist co-payment, we will bill you for the difference.

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